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A new approach

Well, Michelle’s 12WBT Round 2 2013 and I didn’t work too well together.  I kicked off, full of bravado and confidence, only to fall in inglorious heap as work mounted up (again), going through a death in the family and finding out that our fur-kid has cancer.  The last month to six weeks in has been particularly rough and worrying about losing a few kilos was not high on the priorities list.

Instead, I have been taking care of myself by not stressing about what I am consuming, or a missed workout.  Generally speaking, I have been letting myself eat what I want, although overall, trying to keep it pretty healthy.

the-fast-metabolism-dietAt some stage though, I need to get this sorted and am now trying something new – “The Fast Metabolism Diet”.  Whilst the principles in this are pretty sound (ie lots of whole foods, no dairy, no caffeine, no WINE! etc), the plan itself is a four week gig.  I’m looking at it as a reset.  The book claims that you can lose up to 9kg in the four weeks – but for me who only has about that to lose entirely, I don’t expect it to happen in just 4 weeks.  But I am going to give it a damn good crack!

(I should add that I am giving this a go after a friend tried it recently and saw some good results).

The plan is based on the idea of ‘confusing’ your metabolism and that you need to EAT in order to get your metabolism firing and keep it burning.  As such, there are three phases each week, with different dietary and exercise requirements:

Days 1-2: high-glycemic, moderate-protein, low-fat phase. High in carbohydrate-rich foods, high in natural sugars, high in B and C vitamins.  Cardio training.

Days 3-4: very high-protein, high-vegetable, low-carbohydrate, low-fat phase. High in foods that support liver function (onion family, leafy greens, lemons), high in lean proteins, rich in alkalizing green, low-glycemic vegetables, high in carnitine-producing foods.  Weight training.

Days 5-7: high healthy-fat, moderate-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, low-glycemic fruit phase. High in healthy fats, higher-fat proteins in moderate amounts, lower-glycemic fruits, lower-glycemic vegetables, moderate amounts of unrefined carbohydrates, thyroid-stimulating foods, foods rich in inositol and choline.  Relaxation – yoga, massage and the like.

One of the key requirements is eating every 3 hours or so.  Kicked off this morning with an ‘Oaty Berry Smoothy’ – pulverised oats, frozen berries, water and cinnamon.  Flavour was good, but texture was not – so I microwaved it and turned it into porridge!  Much better.

Overall, I’m not sure that I would stick with the plan as prescribed in the book forever – the three different phases each week require a fair bit of thought and planning to keep it all straight.

So we’ll see how it goes.  You can do anything for 4 weeks, right?


The three P’s.

If anyone has studied business or marketing, you might be familiar with Kotler’s 4P’s (although someone did tell me recently that apparently there are seven now – boy, does that make me feel old!).  It occurs to me through this fitness journey that there are a new set of P’s, although by my reckoning just three (who needs seven?!).

Plan, Prep, Perform

Three key legs and if any of them breaks, it’s all over.

three PsPlan  Sitting down on the weekend, working out what I am going to be eating for the week and the training that I will be doing.  Yes, I am following the 12WBT plan at the moment, however I am customising each week’s menu for convenience and personal taste.  I’m also taking the time to work through the Shopping List to ensure that I’m not over-shopping – what ingredients can I sub in for each other so that I don’ t have to buy a tub of ricotta/cottage cheese/etc for a single recipe calling for one tablespoon?

Prep Literally food prep – go do the grocery shopping, pre-cook anything that I can on the weekend.  As silly as it sounds too, making sure my gym gear is all washed and ready for a new week!  (It will derail good intentions pretty quickly if you want to head to the gym only to find all your t-shirts stinky in the washing basket)

Perform As Michelle Bridges would say, ‘just f-ing do it’.  Get your butt out of bed and go to the gym.  stop dialing the pizza joint, put down the phone and cook the damn healthy food that you have purchased.

1 point for planning and prep’ing – 9 points for actually doing.

One day at a time

One day at a time.  Just one day at a time.

Survived day one of the new regime – didn’t train this morning, I don’t do Monday mornings in the gym.  But did have a dance class tonight, so I did get some exercise in.  There’s just something about Monday mornings that kills me.  Although I did celebrate ‘No I don’t have kids yet and that’s OK’ day yesterday (otherwise known as ‘Sunday’.  Nothing to do with Mother’s Day!) with a small sleep in and my fitness test, I would rather get up early on a Sunday morning and hit the gym than a Monday.  I think that it has to do with the fact that I am so not a morning soul and facing an early, early start on the first day of the week is just depressing!

So first training session tomorrow – I am looking forward to getting back in the gym and pumping some iron.  I am woman hear me roar.  Or whimper.

Diet today, however was spot on.  If anyone’s wondering about the 12WBT food – I can attest that it has greatly improved in the last couple of years and the plan is a lot more sensible.  I gave this a go a couple of years ago and felt like I was throwing loads of food away – eg. buy a bag of bean sprouts to use a handful in one stir fry.  The recipes now are a lot less wasteful and there is also a ‘left overs’ meal which I don’t believe was in the plan in the early days.  Great idea!  So when I look in the fridge on Saturday and see what we haven’t gone through, it will force me to get creative in the kitchen.

I have to add too; thanks to the small child I passed yesterday whilst gallumping up the street doing my fitness test run – I was starting to struggle immensely, then hear a small voice shout from the other side of the road “run faster!”.  His poor Dad was mortified.  But thanks for the encouragement kid – although I am sure that I lose precious seconds laughing as I was jogging along.

Hope everyone has had a good Monday.

Hello? Anyone seen my Mojo?

ImageLast year, up until around July, things were going really well for me fitness wise.  I was the leanest and fittest I’d ever been – I was looking good, feeling great.  Then it all fell in a heap.

Excuses, excuses.  I know.  The last 10 months or so have been shocking – not exercising nearly enough, drinking way too much, eating poorly… and it shows.  Today I sit 10 kilos heavier than this time last year.  My pants don’t fit properly and I’m struggling to get into half of my wardrobe at the moment.  I don’t look good and I don’t feel good.

It’s time to get my act together!!  I can’t say that I have found my mojo as yet, but I’m sure I can see a glimmer of it on the horizon.

Yesterday I signed up for Round 2 2103 of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Challenge (12WBT).  Husband asked “why?  You’ve done it on your own before, just do it again”.  Maybe he’s right, last year I dropped nearly 10kg, doing it on my own.  But here I am, 12 months later – 10kg back on and growing.  Literally. 

The fact that I realised 4kg ago that things were getting more than a little firm in the jeans department and I can’t (haven’t?) fixed it should say something.  I need some help before I can’t fit into any of my clothes!

I’m not sure if 12WBT is the answer for me or not; I’ll admit, I did give it a go a couple of years ago and it wasn’t too successful.  This time around, I am looking at it as a lifestyle guide.  If it’s not quite working for me, then let’s change it up.  I’ve thrown myself into the Lean & Strong version of the program; generally speaking, this is only if you have 5kg or so left to lose, but history has shown me how very well my body responds to weight training, so I am throwing myself back in the deep end!

12WBT kicks off MImageay 13.  12 weeks.  10 kilos.

Who knows, maybe with a little luck I’ll find my mojo somewhere?