What I did this week

Well…not much!  I hit the gym on Tuesday morning for my regular session with my Trainer, which in itself was a challenge.  I hadn’t been feeling amazing on Monday, by the time I woke up on Tuesday my nose was running like a tap.  I pushed through, managing to get through most of the session and haven’t been in the gym since.

This pretty much sums up my week!

Don’t know where this image hails from, but pretty much sums up my week!

It’s one thing to drive yourself when you have a bit of the sniffles, but when you can’t even pull off a full day at work cause you can’t breathe properly – then no, you cannot go to the gym!  I needed to listen to my body and let myself rest and heal – but it is a bit frustrating, as it feels like every time I really start to hit my straps, I get a cold/flu/sinus infection.

Starting to feel a little bit more human today, thankfully (although still battered and bruised from Stampede last weekend!).

Back in the gym tomorrow for PT session, hoping that she is nice-ish to me!  Given that I have been eating a steady diet of vegemite toast and cups of milky tea for the last four days, glad to see that me weight hasn’t shifted.  Fingers crossed for survival tomorrow  😉


This week’s workouts (or in this case, workout, singular)

Tuesday: PT session, including single leg squats (back foot in TRX strap, just for a little more instability!), cable flies, tricep dips


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