Pumped at F45 training

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to trial an F45 class at the PE Dept in Potts Point. Let me start by saying – PE Dept is a fabulous boutique gym. Great space, welcoming team, smoothie bar and well-appointed and spotless change rooms (what can I say – I judge a gym based on the state of their change rooms and bathrooms. Doesn’t everyone?). If you are in the area and looking for a new gym, I strongly recommend that you go and have a chat with them. I don’t live anywhere near them, so unfortunately won’t be joining as a regular.

Enough about PE Dept, though – on to why we were there. F45 is a circuit based workout that is always changing. I’m told that if you go regularly, sessions will shift so that some are more resistance based, others more cardio based etc – the idea is that you are continually challenged and never get used to the workout.

I’ve dropped in the F45 hype reel below to give you a taste of what we experienced (no, I’m not in there!).

For our trial class, we had a mix of cardio and resistance. 18 stations were set up that we were to cycle through three times; for the first two rounds we spend 45 seconds at each station with 15 seconds to transition between stations. For the final round, we had 30 seconds at each station and a 10 second transition. It was intense.

Can just see my head in left of pic!   Photo credit: PE Dept  (https://www.facebook.com/PEDept?fref=ts)

Can just see my head in left of pic
Photo credit: PE Dept

The 18 stations included some of the more familiar things that you would know from any gym – spin bike (“get those bums out of the seats!”), skull crushers, fit ball crunches, to name a few. What made it fun were those things that I hadn’t encountered before – ropes (jumping from side to side in a skiing type motion whilst ‘flicking’ the ropes to try and create a wave), split squats with sandbags, sledgehammer swings and my favourite – although also the bloody hardest thing of the day – the knee up ‘slings’; slot your arms through two fabric slings, so you are holding your own body weight, then do knee ups – take a look at this random YouTube video to see what I am talking about. Boy, felt those the next day!

By the end of round 2, myself and the friend that I had dragged along were absolutely drenched in sweat and seriously debating crawling out of the room to safety. But we pushed through the third round and were glad that we did – we were both completely smashed, but pumped as well.

Our instructor on the day, Sienna, told us that she still does F45 training herself every day – if her results are anything to go by, this is worth working into a fitness regime!

It’s amazing how much of a boost you get from trying something completely new and challenging.


The bottom line

What: F45 as part of the Vie Active Sweat Series  http://www.vieactivewear.com

Where: PE Dept, Potts Point  http://www.pedept.com.au

Would I do it again: Yes, but not regularly simply due to distance from home & work


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