The goal outfit

Could I have found my mojo in a sparkly, sparkly mini skirt?


My very sparkly motivation 🙂

Watching various weight loss shows over the years and they tend to have a goal outfit – something that they haven’t been able to fit into for some time, or perhaps a fabulous frock a size or two down from where they are now.  As I understand it, the idea is to have a visual goal of what you will be able to achieve when you slim down.

I have a couple of queries with that: just ’cause you like an outfit or piece of clothing and it comes in a smaller size, doesn’t mean it’s going to look any good on you once you can fit into it!  The number of times that I have gone shopping, seen something on the rack and thought “perfect!” only to try it on and relise just how un-perfect it is.

This very sensible theory of course didn’t stop me picking up a rather sparkly, sequinned and beaded, mini skirt on ebay last night.  Nah, who am I kidding?  It’s bling all the way!  I decided to minimise the risk of the goal outfit though, by picking it up on ebay – afterall, just cause it fits (or WILL fit!), doesn’t mean it will look any good!  But I am aiming to look the best that I can in it!

When my sparkly mojo creator arrives, it will be hung inside my wardrobe door, so that every morning when I open the wardrobe to get dressed I’ll see it hanging there, as a shimmery reminder to stay on track.


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  1. I Love that fabric! Forever new had a dress like that .. I wanted it so bad! However .. IT wouldn’t look good on a 40kg over weight girl 😦 I wish I had got it now for my goal dress!

    Just started following you in the 12WBT ….. can’t wait to start!

    • Funny thing – skirt arrived and it fits already! I don’t know if I am disappointed or happy – I think a bit of both! So I am currently seeking a new goal outfit!

      • That is awesome! The end of financial sales will soon be here, you might get a bargain somewhere 🙂

  2. Hey – have you tried the skirt on recently?

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